"Out of The Box"

A Word for West Michigan - Larry Randolph

August 2006

I just want to speak a prophetic word corporately into this region, this area, something that was a little on my heart today.  I’ve got to preface it first before by saying this.  I’ll make a proclamation.  God is stirring up what I call a super germ.  It’s terrible (probably) phraseology but I’m going to say it like this:  There’s a bacteria of heaven, or a germ of heaven that is a super germ, that God is bringing to the body, you see because when God does super things in the past we had an inoculation, a religious inoculation against that thing from heaven that was to infect us and we neutralized this germ of heaven.  Well there’s a super anointing coming, it’s super-sized to the max, it’s a super anointing that’s coming and this anointing will not be stopped by the inoculation of the church.  So it’s a whole new strand of anointing that’s going to impact the church in an incredible way in regions like this that have a history with God and have a wellspring of history with God.  God is going to release it and we’re going to see unlimited incomprehensible acts of God in places like this and regions like this, so I said all that to say this:

I want to prophesy or speak the word of the Lord all over this region and I want us just to do this, it’s a good time to declare this because I’ve just got a few words but let’s see what it grows into.  I just want to say, here’s what I felt the Lord was saying.  I felt the Lord was saying:  As the winds of the Great Lakes have blown over this region and have brought wind and stirred the atmosphere in this region, I am bringing winds of the Great Lakes of Heaven to this region.  And you’re going to experience water beyond comprehension and beyond depth and you’re going to experience an outpouring of the Spirit in this state and the states surrounding that is incomprehensible.  The Lord says I am touching the great living waters that are resident under the soil of this region and I’m stirring ancient wells and I’m redigging and putting My Hand into those places and like in Genesis I’m going to open the fountains of the deep and I’m going to shake the heavens; and there is a rain going to come in this area that is going to be different than anything you have ever known.  And it shall be noised about that in Michigan God is up to something good and it shall be known that in Michigan God is blowing His Spirit and His wind is coming.  For I shall begin to raise up in this area and in this state strategic places that will not be ashamed to carry forth the banner that your ancestors carried three to four to five generations ago.  And you shall say I shall pick up the mantle that has fallen in this state and I shall pick up the mantle of our forefathers that has been forgotten and I shall carry once again the mandate of heaven to make this place a God Zone, to make this state a place where God can facilitate the fullness of His Spirit in such a way that people will drive to this region, walk to this region, come to this region because they have said, we have heard that the ark is back at Jerusalem.  We have heard that God is doing something, we have heard that God has returned to His resting place and there is plenty to go around.  And we’re coming to get healed and we’re coming to get set free, we’re coming to be touched says the Spirit of the Lord.

For I shall cause churches to spring up in this area that have a double edged sword that will be able to cut into life in a way that you’ve never seen before and in that swing of life there shall come rhema like that is incredible.  You shall say I’ve never seen anything like this before and the Lord says your ancestors saw it but you’ve forgotten it and because of their blood that’s in the ground that is crying out I’m going to recreate, I’m going to restore and I’m going to bring back again full circle the prayers, and the investment, and the sweat and the tears and the revelation, the encounters and the wind of God that was blowing in this area centuries ago shall be restirred and you shall say ‘my God, the wind is so great’ like Elijah you’ll have to wrap yourself in your own mantle to stand in front of the wind to hear the still, small voice of God say to you ‘this is what I’m doing and this is what I’m saying for this appointed time in this region’.  So the Lord says ‘let loose, let go, unbind yourselves, take your hands off of it, don’t try to control it, don’t try to rethink it, don’t try to predetermine it.  Back up and watch me’ says God.  ‘I’m going to do something that’s incredibly outside the box of your thinking, incredibly outside the box of your experience and it’s going to be Me and Me alone.  I shall get the glory; you shall have none of it and they shall say it is something that is incredible that’s happening there.  Bring it here.  You shall export it. You shall export it.   You shall export it to the East and to the South.  And it shall grow, and it shall grow, and it shall grow, and it shall grow and they shall say this is God and this is good and this is what it’s all about.

So Lord we receive that and we declare that declaration over this region and we break the limitations that have kept us in the box here and we break through any religious spirits and we break through any spirit of man.  And we break through any spirit of resistance, and demonic attacks and principalities and powers that have been pre assigned to this area to suppress the expression of the Kingdom of God and we declare this is a ‘no devil zone’; we declare this is a ‘no sickness zone’; we declare that this is ‘a no limitation zone’; this is a ‘no demonic zone’.  We declare this a God Zone where the Kingdom of God is kissing heaven and there is an expression of the Spirit of God being released in this place.  We invite angelic presence, we invite angelic encounters, angelic visitation and Lord we ask that you will pour out upon this place a blessing greater than they are able to contain so it will run over the sides of the cup, down into the valleys into the mountains of the other states and regions because God has said it’s enough; I can’t stand it anymore.  I’ve got to do something incredible in this place; I will do it; I will do it; I will do it, says the Lord.  And every eye shall see, and ear shall hear and every mind shall know that God has done something extraordinary in this place because of the seed and the love he has for your ancestors that brought it to this land says the Spirit of God.

We receive that, thank you for that.  Release it.    ….Out of the box.

Additional Word of the Lord Through Larry Randolph

Saturday Night:
God’s glory and confirmation will be declared in this state through nature this winter and you will say:  ‘Something different has happened; God’s glory has been declared this winter in this state through nature’.  Watch for something significant, for God’s glory and seal of approval on what He’s doing here.


Tommy Hicks' Vision

The following vision originally appeared in a book entitled PERTINENT PROPHECIES I by John M. and Dorothea M. Gardner, and was given by Tommy Hicks, a noted evangelist, in 1961.



My message begins July 25. about 2:30 in the morning at Winnipeg, Canada. I had hardly fallen asleep when the vision and the revelation that God gave me came before. The vision came three times, exactly in detail, the morning of July 25, 1961. I was so stirred and so moved by the revelation that this has changed my complete outlook upon the body of Christ, and upon the end time ministries.

The greatest thing that the church of Jesus Christ has ever been given lies straight ahead. It is so hard to help men and women to realize and understand the thing that God is trying to give his people in the end times.

I received a letter several weeks ago from one of our native evangelists down in Africa, Down in Nairobi. This man and his wife were on their way to Tanganyika. They could neither read nor could they write, but we had been supporting them for over two years. As they entered into the territory of Tanganyika, they came across a small village. The entire village was evacuating because of a plague that had hit the village. He came across natives that were weeping, and he asked them what was wrong.

They told him of their mother and father who had suddenly died, and they had been dead for three days. They had to leave. They were afraid to go in; they were leaving them in the cottage. He turned and asked them where the were. They pointed to the hut and he asked them to go with him, but they refused. They were afraid to go.

The native and his wife went to this little cottage and entered in where the man and woman had been dead for three days. He simply stretched forth his hand in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and spoke the mans name and the woman's name and said, "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command life to come back to your bodies." Instantaneously these two heathen people who had never known Jesus Christ as their Savior sat up and immediately began to praise God. The spirit and the power of God came into the life of those people.

To us that may seem strange and a phenomenon, but that is the beginning of these end-time ministries. God is going to take the do-nothings, the nobodies, the unheard-of, the no-accounts. He is going to take every man and every woman and he is going to give to them this outpouring of the Spirit of God.

In the book of Acts we read that "In the last days," God said, "I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh." I wonder if we realized what he meant when God said, "I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh." I do not think I fully realize nor could I understand the fullness of it, and then I read from the book of Joel: "Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord Your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain " (Joel 2:23). It is not only going to be the rain, the former rain and the latter rain, but he is going to give to his people in these last days a double portion of the power of God!

As the vision appeared to me after I was asleep, I suddenly found myself in a great high distance. Where I was, I do not know. But I was looking down upon the earth. Suddenly the whole earth came into my view. Every nation, every kindred, every tongue came before my sight from the east and the west, the north and the south. I recognized every country and many cities that I had been in, and I was almost in fear and trembling as I beheld the great sight before me: and at that moment when the world came into view, it began to lightning and thunder.

As the lightning flashed over the face of the earth, my eyes went downward and I was facing the north. Suddenly I beheld what looked like a great giant, and as stared and looked at it, I was almost bewildered by the sight. It was so gigantic and so great. His feet seemed to reach to the north pole and has head to the south. Its arms were stretched from sea to sea. I could not even begin to understand whether this be a mountain or this be a giant, but as I watched, I suddenly beheld a great giant. I could see his head was struggling for life. He wanted to live, but his body was covered with debris from head to foot, and a time this great giant would move his body and act as though it would even raise up at times. And when it did, thousands of little creatures seemed to run away. Hideous creatures would run away from this giant, and when he would become calm, they would come back.

All of a sudden this great giant lifted his hand toward the heaven, and then it lifted its other hand, and when it did, these creatures by the thousands seemed to flee away from this giant and go into the darkness of the night.

Slowly this great giant began to rise and as he did, his head and hands went into the clouds. As he rose to his feet he seemed to have cleansed himself from the debris and filth that was upon him, and he began to raise his hands into the heavens as though praising the Lord, and as he raised his hands, they went even unto the clouds.

Suddenly, every cloud became silver, the most beautiful silver I have ever known. As I watched the phenomenon it was so great I could not even begin to understand what it all meant. I was so stirred as I watched it, and I cried unto the Lord and I said, "Oh, Lord what is the meaning of this," and I felt as if I was actually in the Spirit and I could feel the presence of the Lord even as I was asleep.

And from those clouds suddenly there came great drops of liquid light raining down upon mighty this giant, and slowly, slowly, this giant began to melt, began to sink itself in the very earth itself, and as he melted, his whole form seemed to have melted upon the face of the earth, and the great rain began to come down. Liquid drops of light began to flood the very earth itself and as watched this giant that seemed to melt, suddenly it became millions of people over the face of the earth. As I beheld the sight before me, people stood up all over the world! They were lifting their hands and they were praising the Lord.

At that very moment there came a great thunder that seemed to roar from the heavens. I turned my eves toward the heavens and suddenly I saw a figure in white, in glistening white - the most glorious thing that I have ever seen in my entire life. I did not see the face, but somehow I knew it was the Lord Jesus Christ, and he stretched forth his hand, and as he did, he would stretch it forth to one and to another, and to another. And as he stretched fort his hand upon the nations and the people of the world - men and women - as he pointed toward them, the liquid light seemed to flow from his hands into them, an a mighty anointing of God came upon them, and those people began to go forth in the name of the Lord.

I do not know how long I watched it. It seemed it went into days and weeks and months. And I beheld this Christ as he continued to stretch forth his hand; but there was a tragedy. There were many people as he stretched forth his hand that refused the anointing of God and the call of God. I saw men and women that I knew. People that I felt would certainly receive the call of God. But as he stretched forth his hand toward this one and toward that one, they simply bowed their head and began to back away. And each of those that seemed to bow down an back away, seemed to go into darkness. Blackness seemed to swallow them everywhere.

I was bewildered as I watched it, but these people that he had anointed, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, in Africa, England, Russia, China, America, all over the world, the anointing of God was upon these people as they went forward in the name of the Lord. I saw these men and women as they went forth. They were ditch diggers, they were washerwomen, they were rich men, they were poor men. I saw people who were bound with paralysis and sickness and blindness and deafness. As the Lord stretched forth to give them this anointing, they became well, they became healed, and they went forth!

And this is the miracle of it - this is the glorious miracle of it - those people would stretch forth their hands exactly as the Lord did, and it seemed as if there was this same liquid fire in their hands. As they stretched forth their hands they said, "According to My Word, be thou made whole."

As these people continued in this mighty end-time ministry, I did not fully realize what it was, and I looked to the Lord and said, "What is the meaning of this?" And he said "This is that which I will do in the last days. I will restore all that the cankerworm, the palmerworm, the caterpillar - I will restore all that they have destroyed. These, my people, in the end times will go forth As a mighty army shall they sweep over the face of the earth."

As I was at this great height, I could behold the whole world. I watched these people as they were going to and fro over the face of the earth. Suddenly there was a man Africa and in a moment he was transported by the spirit of God, and perhaps he was in Russia, or China or America or some other place, and vice versa. All over the world these people went, and they came through fire, and through pestilence, and through famine. Neither fire or persecution, nothing seemed to stop them.

Angry mobs came to them with swords and with guns. And like Jesus, the passed through the multitudes and they could not find them, but they went forth in the name of the Lord, and everywhere they stretched forth their hands, the sick were healed, the blind eves were opened. There was not a long prayer, and after I had viewed the vision many times in my mind, and I thought about it many times, I realized that I never saw a church, and I never saw or heard a denomination, but these people were going in the name of the Lord of Hosts. Hallelujah!

As they marched forth in everything they did as the ministry of Christ in the end times, these people were ministering to the multitudes over the face of the earth. Tens of thousands, even millions seemed to come to the Lord Jesus Christ as these people stood forth and gave the message of the kingdom, of the coming kingdom, in this last hour. It was so glorious, but it seems as though there were those that rebelled, and they would become angry and they tried to attack those workers that were giving the message.

God is going to give to the world a demonstration in this last hour as the world has never known. These men and women are of all walks of life, degrees will mean nothing. I saw these workers as they were going over the face of the earth. When one would stumble and fall, another would come and pick him up. There were no "big I" and "little you," but every mountain was brought low and every valley was exalted, and they seemed to have one thing in common - there was a divine love, a divine love that seemed to flow forth from these people as they worked together, and as they lived together. It was the most glorious sight that I have ever known. Jesus Christ was the theme of their life. They continued and it seemed that days went by as I stood and beheld this sight. I could only cry, and sometimes I laughed. It was so wonderful as these people went throughout the face of the whole earth, bringing forth in this last end time.

As I watched from the very heaven itself there were times when great deluges of this liquid fire seemed to fall upon great congregations, and that congregation would lift their hands and seemingly praise God for hours and even days as the Spirit of God came upon them. God said, "I will pour My Spirit upon all flesh, " and that is exactly this thing. And to every man and every woman that received this power, and the anointing of God, the miracles of God, there was no ending to it.

We have talked about miracles. We have talked about signs and wonders, but I could not help but weep as read again this morning, at 4 o'clock this morning the letter from our native workers. This is only the evidence of the beginning for one man, a "do- nothing, an unheard-of, " who would go and stretch forth his hand and say, "In the 'Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, f command life to flow into your body." I dropped to my knees and began to pray gain, and I said, "Lord, I know that this thing is coming pass, and I believe it's coming soon!"

And then again, as these people were going about the face of the earth a great persecution seemed to come from every angle.

Suddenly there was another great clap of thunder, that seemed to resound around the world, and I heard again the voice, the voice that seemed to speak, "Now this is my people. This is my beloved bride," and when the voice spoke, I looked upon the earth and I could see the lakes and the mountains. The graves were opened and People from all over the world, the saints of all ages, seemed to be rising. And as they rose from the grave, suddenly all these people came from every direction from the east and the west, from the north and the south, and they seemed to be forming again this gigantic body. As the dead in Christ seemed to be rising first, I could hardly comprehend it. It was so marvelous. It was so far beyond anything I could ever dream or think of.

But as this body suddenly began to form, and take shape again, it took shape again in the form of this mighty giant, but this time it was different. It was arrayed in the most beautiful gorgeous white. It's garments were without spot or wrinkle as its body began to form, and the people of all ages seemed to be gathered into this body, and slowly, slowly, as it began to form up into the very heavens, suddenly from the heavens above, the Lord Jesus Game, and become the head, and I heard another clap of thunder that said, "This is my beloved bride for whom I have waited. She will come forth even tried by fire. This is she that l have loved from the beginning of time. "

As I watched, my eyes suddenly turned to the far north, and I saw seemingly destruction: men and women in anguish and crying out, and buildings in destruction.

Then I heard again, the fourth voice that said, "Now is My wrath being poured out upon the face of the earth." From the ends of the whole world, the wrath of God seemed to be poured out and it seemed that there were great vials of God's wrath being poured out upon the face of the earth. I can remember it as though it happened a moment ago. I shook and trembled as I beheld the awful sight of seeing the cities, and whole nations going down into destruction.

I could hear the weeping and wailing. I could hear people crying. They seemed to cry as they went into caves, but the caves in the mountains opened up.

They leaped into water, but the water would not drown them. There was nothing that could destroy them. They were wanting to take their lives, but they could not.

Then again I turned my eyes to this glorious sight, this body arrayed in beautiful white, shining garments. Slowly, slowly, it began to lift from the earth, and as it did, I awoke. What a sight I had beheld! I had seen the end-time ministries - the last hour. Again on July 27, at 2:30 in the morning, the same revelation, the same vision came again exactly as it did before.

My life has been changed as I realized that we are living in that end time, for all over the world God is anointing men and women with this ministry. It will not be doctrine. It will not be a churchianity. It is going to be Jesus Christ. They will give forth the word of the Lord and are going to say, "I heard it so many times in the vision and according to my word it shall be done."

Oh, my people, listen to me. According to my word, it shall be done. We are going to be clothed with power and anointing from God. We won't have to preach sermons, we won't have to have persons heckle us in public. We won't have to depend on man, nor will we be denomination echoes, but we will have the power of the living God. We will fear no man, but will go in the name of the Lord of Hosts!


Dr. Charles S. Price
A precious document found  among the private papers of Charles S. Price after his passing.

1679 Prophecy to the Sons of God

"There shall be a total and full redemption by Christ. This is a hidden mystery not to be understood without the revelation of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is at hand to reveal the same unto all holy seekers and loving enquirers.  The completion of such a redemption is withheld and abstracted by the seals of Revelation.  Wherefore as the Spirit of God shall open seal after seal, so shall this redemption come to be revealed, both particularly and universally.  In the gradual opening of the mystery of redemption in Christ doth consist the unsearchable wisdom of God which may continually reveal new and fresh things to the worthy seeker.  In order to which the Ark of the Testimony in Heaven shall be opened before the end of this age, and the living testimony herein contained shall be unsealed.

     "The presence of the Divine Ark (Christ) will constitute the life of this Virgin Church, and wherever this body is, there must the Ark of necessity be.  The unsealing of the living testimony within the Ark of God must begin the promulgation of the everlasting gospel of the Kingdom.  The proclamation of the testimony will be as the sounding of a trumpet of alarm to the nations of professed Christendom.  Authority shall be given by Christ to the putting an end to all controversies concerning the true church that is born of the New Jerusalem mother. This decision will be the actual sealing of the body of Christ with the name (or authority) of God, giving them a commission to act by the same.  This new name (or authority) will distinguish them from the seven thousand names of Babylon.

     "The election and preparation of this Virgin Church is to be after a secret and hidden manner.  As David in his ministry was chosen and anointed by the prophet of the Lord, yet was not admitted to the outward profession of the kingdom for a considerable time afterward, of the stem of David a Virgin Church, which hath known nothing of a man or human constitution, is to be born, and it will require some time for it to get out of the minority and arrive at full and mature age.

     "The birth of this Virgin Church was typified by St. John's vision where the great wonder appeared in heaven, bringing forth her first born, that was caught up to the throne of God (or identified with the authority of God).  For as a virgin woman brought forth Christ after the flesh, so shall a Virgin Church bring forth the first born after the Spirit, who shall be endowed with the seven spirits of God.  This church so brought forth and sealed with the mark of divine authority will have no bonds or impositions; but the holy unction among these new born spirits will be all in all.

     "There is not at this day (1679) visible upon the earth such a church; all profession being found light when weighed in the balances.  Therefore they are rejected by the Supreme Judge, which rejection will be for this cause, that out of them may come a new and glorious church.  Then shall the glory of God and the Lamb so rest upon this typical tabernacle, so that it shall be called the Tabernacle of Wisdom, and though it is not now known in visibility, yet it shall be seen as coming out of the wilderness within a short time.  Then will it go on to multiply and propogate itself universally, not only to the number of the first born (144,000) but also to the remnant of the seed, against whom the dragon will make war continually.

     "Wherefore the spirit of David shall revive in this church and most especially in some elect members of it as the blossoming root.  These will have might given them to overcome the dragon and his angels even as David overcame Goliath and the Philistine army.  This will be the standing up of the great prince Michael, and it will be as the appearing of Moses against Pharaoh in order that the chosen seed may be brought out of hard servitude.

     "Egypt doth figure this servile creation under which Abraham's seed groans, but a prophet, and the most prophetical generation, will the Most High raise up who shall deliver His people by the force of spiritual arms; for which there must be raised up certain head powers to bear the first office, who are to be persons in favour with God whose dread and fear shall fall on all nations visible and invisible, because of the mighty acting power of the Holy Spirit which shall rest upon them. For Christ will appear in some chosen vessels to bring into the Promised Land the New Creation state.

     "Thus Moses, Joshua, and Aaron may be considered types of some upon whom the same Spirit will come, yet in greater proportion. Whereby they shall make way for the ransomed of the Lord to return to Mt. Zion; but none shall stand under God but those who have become "tried" stones after the pattern and similitude of Christ.  This will be fiery trial through which a very few will be able to pass or bear up in it.  Whereby the waiters for this visible breaking forth are strictly charged to hold fast, and wait together in the unity of Pure Love.  This trial will be of absolute necessity to all for the clearing away of all remaining infirmities of the natural mind, and the burning of all wood, hay, and stubble.  For nothing must remain in the fire, for as a refiner shall He purify the sons of the Kingdom.

     "There will be some who will be fully redeemed, being clothed upon with a priestly garment after the Melchisedek order. This will qualify them for governing Authority.  Therefore it is required on their part to suffer the Spirit of burning and fanning of the fiery breath searching every part within them until they arrive at a Fixed Body from whence the wonders are to flow out.

   "Upon this body will be the fixation of the Urim and Thummim that are the portion of the Melchisedek priesthood whose descent is not counted in the genealogy of that creation which is under the fall, but in another genealogy which is a New Creation.  Hence these priests will have a deep inward search and divine sight into secret things of Deity; will be able to prophesy in a clear ground; not darkly and enigmatically, for they will know what is couched in the first originality of all beings, in the eternal anti-type of nature, and will be able to bring them forth according to the divine counsel and ordination.

     "The Lord sweareth in truth and righteousness that from Abraham's line, according to the Spirit, there shall arise a holy seed, produced and manifested in the last age.  The mighty spirit of Cyrus is appointed to lay the foundation of this Third Temple and support it in building.

     "There are characteristics and marks whereby the pure Virgin Church shall be known and distinguished from all others that are low, false, and counterfeit. There must be a manifestation of the Spirit whereby to edify and raise up this church, bringing heaven down upon the earth and representing here the New Jerusalem state, in order to which spirits are thus begotten and born of God, ascended to New Jerusalem above where their Head in majesty doth reign.

     "None but those who have so ascended and received His glory can condescend and communicate the same, being thereby His representatives upon the earth and subordinate priests under Him now.  He that has ascended and glorified has made Himself, as it were, our Debtor.  Consequently, He will not be wanting in qualifying and furnishing certain high and principal instruments who shall be most humble and as little regarded as David was, whom He will dignify with honour and priestly sovereignty for drawing to them the scattered flocks, and gathering them into one fold out of all nations.

     "Therefore, there should be a holy emulation and ambition stirred up among the bands of believers that they may be of the first-fruits unto Him that is risen from the dead, and so be made principal agents for Him and with Him, that they may be, if possible, of the number of the First-born of the New Jerusalem mother.  All true waiters of His Kingdom in Spirit, under whatsoever profession they may be, ought to be numbered among the virgin spirits to whom this message appertains.  Be watchful and quicken your pace.