Randy has been in ministry all of his adult life.

He started preaching and moving as an Evangelist at 19,

and then as an Intercessor. He is an alumnus of River of

Life Word Ministry School; Graduated in 1993 after 7 years.

ROLWMS is a non accredited Bible School.

He then served as an elder and associate minister for 8

years at River of Life Ministries.
Randy then went on to help pastor many works and even

pioneer and plant different churches,

and finally, Tabernacle of David is where the Holy Spirit is

allowed to rule, to rest, to change us, and to have His OWN church.


Carol has graduated from  the Pastors school at Toronto Airport , and has

been taken up to Heaven over 23 times throughout her life!

 God constantly gives her holy visions, prophetic words, and

revelations of Him and of/for her life.

                                    Randy and Carol Hoekstra       

                                 Pastor of Tabernacle of David

                   They have 7 children Nicole, Daniel, Julianna, 

                               Jubilee, Jarod, and Ari Ben Zion.

                                They also have 3 grandchildren.


Randy is known in the body of Christ as Prophet and Apostle. The Hoekstra’s passion is to raise up many 5 fold ministry leaders and to pastor the prophets and intercessors. In a visitation, they were commanded to raise up a place of safety, a sanctuary for His prophetic people. They intend to raise up a radical army of prayer warriors and help create an open heaven over their very “Traditional Religious City.”

                Randy is a bible scholar, revival Historian, and Archivist. He also has a Bachelors Degree in Theology from Grace Bible College, and his passion is The Presence of God.

Tabernacle of David is a nontraditional Biblically based church.  We are Apostolic- Prophetic and River oriented. We are Presence based, and we let the Holy Spirit lead.

            We endeavor to release the saints into their ministries and, among us, all the gifts and offices are present. We stress solid Character, Faithfulness, Unity, Love, and Humility. Each of these are things that the spirit of God must work into us so we may enter into all that God has for us.

We strongly believe our first ministry is to minister to God… everything else will flow out of that, we seek His face and not His hand.

            We are Restorationalist in that we embrace all that has come before us, and we drink deeply of those wells. At the same time we press into the new thing/chapters that God wants to unveil to us. When the cloud of glory moves we want to move as well, to keep moving with His cloud.