If you want to really know God as a Friend,

If you want your life to be changed,

If you want your heart to be healed,

If you want to do church as it was in the New Testament Church,

 If you are fed up with the fake and weak,

and desire to walk in power in your place in the Body of Christ,




Tabernacle Of David


We are so happy to see again many of our friends and loved ones We have been in a season of being hidden and intense warfare we know that season has now ended and we are in a new season of BUILDING.

We know this is the Word of the Lord and with this new season is now a time of regathering many of the sheep I have helped pastor whom I loved dearly. ( A real pastor's heart is one that loves people dearly almost  as you would your children).


 We were commissioned to build a Holy Spirit Beach-Head in this region and we have tried to be obedient to that with all our strength!

 The Last Days Revival is Coming!!!

        We will allow no man to tame it, to market it, to use it for self promotion. We will not allow buildings and administrative things to get in the way. We are so grateful for what God is doing, And we hold it with fear and trembling. No man (or woman) is going to touch the Ark, and we will, with the help of the Holy Spirit, build wine skins able to contain and flow with His River.

Please take the time to read our values and Biography and vision we have carefully raised a team who will protect this River and they have been thru the fire tried and tested and their hearts burn for Him and His presence


Please go to www.Mychurch.org and join Tabernacle of David those who are part of us

or want to be there we will soon have a online bible school. We feel it is so important

to understand the bible many times revivals have been lost because people didn’t know the

Word false doctrines have destroyed the river and that is because many of the leaders did not know the word so we want intimacy and the Spirit but we want fresh manna as well


We also will be putting up sermons I was just at a conference and many of the people

there never heard of the things that were spoken.

 well are people realized those are the things The Holy Spirit teaches us every week 


We love You and come play in the River with us and come and help us build

We created this place of His presence for You come and get free

Come and get whole come and feel the fathers love come into your destiny

What you were born to be and do come and be healed come.



                                                     -Randy and Carol Hoekstra and the Team at Tabernacle of David





    The vision: while on a 8 month sabbatical the lord met with Me and Shared His heart with me that there are so many churches with so many visions. But He wanted a house that was Holy Spirit led and controlled. Many have told me this is impossible. But we were already seeing this happen on Monday night at the Prayer Center – We saw marriages restored,  we saw body ministry(everybody gets to participate), many times while the leaders stayed hidden the members of the body were doing the ministry and signs and wonders followed.


    We saw that if we came together and ministered to Him

And loved on Him and lifted Him up and sat in His presence

Amazing things would happen.


    That this is really what a gathering was about

My heart cry for many years was... What is Church???



     I have since seen with my own eyes after 20 years of ministry.

That it is all presence based and it can not even be understood

by mere words. It has to be experienced there has to be an encounter. I realized that many of the things I pressed into so hard for so long that I may know him were actually Caught not Taught.


    Much of my pride had kept me from experiencing deeper and more satisfying realms of Him.  Things such as, "oh we have the presence of God at my Church and why should I go there to experience more God?  (just like Namaan who said "We have much cleaner rivers in my country, why dip into your dirty pond?).



    Vision Continued:  The other thing the Lord did was break my heart for His Prophets, Intercessors and Watchmen.  He said to create a place of safety for them.  So many are rejected, beaten up and misunderstood and a safe haven needs to be created so that they can be healed, restored and loved on.


    A place of refreshing, and drinking deeply of the River, and a place of safety. A place for Mothers and Fathers to raise up and undergird. A place for teaching by relationship and impartation and being loved on by the Father through each member of the congregation.


To Equip... Raise up... and Release


    Teach them to build His kingdom and not their own.

No agendas –No  programs – The Five Fold ministry is to serve the church as LOVE SLAVES-


    We also will be exploring what things have been stolen from the church. Things that God is restoring to the church and the body.


What about End-Time things???

We are willing to and will go where few dare to go.

Unlike so many that just got there stuff from another's teaching and books.

So if you want to be a part of the NEW THING and drink of the NEW WINE and NEW REVELATIONS and Good Solid Teaching.

We will be changed and challenged in His Presence...


Any Questions or comments feel free to call me between 1pm and 9pm Sunday thru Sunday


Pastor Randy (231) 425-3477

    Our gifts and ministries and offices are to bless HIS Sheep and Build HIS Kingdom not to create our great ministry.